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Fully equipped kitchens are located on each floor for students to do their own cooking.
Each resident has their own private fridge in the bed room for storage of food.


Air Conditioning

Each bedroom has its own remote controlled air conditioning for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Some bedrooms have ceiling fans.


Recreation and games areas are located throughout the building. The main social area is located on the ground floor. Televisions are located on every floor with the ground floor having a DVD player and satellite television.

Smoke and Fire Controls.

All bedrooms and common areas have been fitted with smoke and fire detection systems together with fire sprinklers. The fire control system is connected directly to the fire brigade head office. These control systems are fully certified and serviced and monitored regularly.


Environment for Study.

Alexandra Lodge provides a quiet and safe environment to enable students to study in peace and privacy. A sufficient level of supervision, which is not intrusive, is provided to ensure the environment is maintained. Alexandra Lodge is located on the city fringe, and as a result, residents enjoy a peaceful quiet area, yet is in close proximity to the Universities, Colleges and the City of Adelaide.


A free high speed wireless internet facility has been provided for residents' use.  Each resident is issued with a password and is given monthly allocation of 25GB. If residents exceed this amount, they can still use the internet for free, however the speed will be reduced.  The internet can be accessed from any location in the hostel and outside in the yards.

Telephone Connections

All rooms are pre wired for telephone connections. The cheapest way to have a telephone connection, is to have one connected in your name.  The telephone company charges a fee for a new connection.  Currently this is $59 but it is subject to change. This is a once only charge when you get a connection.  And then, depending on the monthly plan you choose, the monthly rental fee on your line and telephone exchange equipment is between $18 and $26 per month.  If you wish to have a telephone connection, advise the office and assistance will be given to arrange the connection. Note that you will receive a monthly account for rental and usage.  The account is payable at any Post Office, or, if you use internet banking, which you have to set up with your bank, it can be paid electronically.  Other accounts can also be paid electronically. Alternatively, a public phone is available for residents to use.

House Rules

House rules apply to Alexandra Lodge for the safety and security of all residents. All residents must sign a copy of the house rules to indicate that they will abide by the rules.

Occupancy Agreement.

All residents are required to sign an occupancy agreement for a period to the end of the semester in which they arrive, i.e. to the end of the first or second semester. They may sign for a longer occupancy period.


The rent you pay also covers electricity, gas, water and cleaning of common areas. Students do their own laundry. There is a fully equipped coin operated laundry on each floor, at $1 per wash . Electric irons and ironing tables are provided. Residents are required to clean their own bedrooms. Vacuum cleaners, brooms, etc., are provided.

Faxes and Email

Faxes and emails to students may be sent to the office numbers for delivery to their post boxes. Staff will provide office support where possible. Parents are welcome to contact us at any time.


Entry to the hostel is by computer controlled and security controlled electronic key cards for front and side door locations. All bedrooms are located on floors 1 to 7. Access to the lift (elevator) for these floors is also by way of the computer controlled access card, minimising unauthorised entry. In addition to this, each room has its own individual key.