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40 Cheltenham Street
Highgate SA 5063

Adelaide International Village are the proprietors of this students’ hostel located in the leafy suburb of Highgate.


It is 8 bus stops from the Adelaide city centre and travelling time is around 15 minutes.


Highgate Lodge is located opposite Concordia College the owner of the hostel. The college has made available some of its sports facilities for use by residents of Highgate Lodge. The main facilities are the football fields and tennis courts


Highgate Lodge is a 138 beds hostel. Most are in single occupancy rooms. There are a few twin share rooms. Common share bathrooms are located in the passages and are segregated Male/Female.


All bedrooms will be fully furnished and each has an air conditioner for heating and cooling. A private fridge will also be provided in each room. Free high speed wireless internet will be installed and incoming students can be connected in a few seconds. Students bringing their computers have to ensure they have built in wireless cards and, if not, to purchase a good quality plug in card. You can purchase the cards in Adelaide, but they are probably cheaper overseas. A quality plug in card costs between $50 and $100 in Adelaide.

Electricity, water, gas and cleaning of common areas are included in the rent as are the uses of the air conditioner and fridge. Students will clean their own rooms and we provide vacuum cleaners, brooms, etc.


There are several coin operated laundries and electric dryers for washing at $2 per wash. Clothes lines are also located outside for drying when it is sunny.
There are several kitchens in the hostel in which students can do their own cooking. One kitchen will be especially reserved for dietary and religious requirements.

The hostel will be attended on a 24 hour, 7 days per week basis and 365 days per year. Students will receive our support, which is caring and yet non intrusive.

Room Prices (quoted in AUD$).

From 1/1/16 the price for single rooms will be $170 per week .

Twin share of the larger rooms start at $105 per person per week.

Under Australian residential laws tenants must deposit the equivalent of two weeks rent as a refundable room security bond. If the weekly rent is $160 per week, the bond will be $340.

If you wish to stay at Highgate Lodge, please complete the application form which can be found under menu items.

Period of stay

We expect incoming students to stay until the end of the half year in which they arrive. For example, if they arrive in February, then they must agree to stay to 30 June. If they arrive in July, then to November of that year. For a lessor period of stay a higher rental rate will apply.

We look forward to your application and your stay at Highgate Lodge

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email to us.